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 Hank Modi is a writer who could not publish a book after the publication of his first book, and he also has a miserable love life, which results in a teenage girl named Becca. Although Hank is a strong woman, she still can't get a girlfriend. And let the mother of her child be heartbroken!

  8 ٫ 3/10 out of  160,949 votes

Genre: Comedy, Drama

English language

period of time : 


Stars: David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Evan Handler

Director: Tom Kapinos

Status: Completed (2014 - 2007 )


Hank Moody- a self loathing, narcissistic author struggles to overcome writer's block while balancing his occasional drug use, alcoholism, and borderline sex addiction all the while trying to get back together with his girlfriend and raise his teenage daughter.

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